about me

Susanne Grossmann, master designer
manufacture, design & development of bespoke jewellery
custom-made pieces ranging in form, functionality and mechanical foundation
consolidation & fusion of natural materials & elements

A wealth of experience, breadth of scope and a rich pool of ideas help to enable both
innovative & creative solutions

I am fascinated by life – the mysterious impuls that bears exceptional structures, forms & functions –
allowing these to develop unique survival strategies, to grow and become wild & free.
Whether I am working with barnacles, cones, willow catkin, nuts, fish scales or whiskers, I aim to create
sophisticated pieces of jewellery that concentrate & bring to light
the most handsome & essential elements of my various and diverse acquisitions.
I exclusively work with natural & residual substances and materials.


Exhibitions (select)

Showroom: transformation of a former fur & leather goods business in the fashionable Nikolaiviertel of Berlin.

Exhibitor at "The Gallery" workshops of the Berlin Opera in Mitte (city centre) –
a national fashion fair held by the Igedo Company.

Jewellery fitting for the labels Ansoho, Ica, Aleks Kurkowski and Michèle Caspers at the
Showfloor Designercasting in the "Altes Postfuhramt" of Berlin.

Exhibitor at DMY Berlin, a presentation of Berlin innovations in a module of 72 assembled old windows –
a communal project of ten Berlin designers.

Selected for the "Talents" section of the Tendence fair exhibition in Frankfurt.

Exhibitor at DesignersOpen in Leipzig.

Publications (select)
Publications of illustrations from the jewellery series "Phonaten" in the pocket diary "Rabenschnabel 2013"
created by achim von Boxberg.

Phonaten illustrations in the pocket diary "Rabenschnabel 2012"

GZ plus, a German goldsmiths´magazine, August Edition 2011 (p.11)

"Zeit" magazine  (27.01.2011, p. 7)

Frame Magazine

Blendschutz aus Treibholz

Competition with honouring
Form 2011_ Form from craft and industry